Swim Spas are the perfect answer if you want to swim or train, relax or play in your own home.  
Our Swim Spas allow you to train for a triathalon, or swim to keep fit. When you've had enough swimming use the adjustable current to help you do aquafit exercises, or simply play in the pool with your kids. They are truly the one-stop answer to water fun at home....and they fit in smaller yards so you can experience luxury wherever you live.

 Swim spas provide the ideal training environment for both athletes and casual swimmers alike.

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Ease of Ownership

The patented self-cleaning feature minimizes maintenance leaving you more time to enjoy your swim spa with family and friends. Hydropool's cleaning system optimizes filtration and pushes debri towards the high flow skimmer.

Energy Efficiency

Along with the Hydrowise Thermal Shield technology Hydropool swim spas are constructed with energy efficient components and have a thick, energy conserving hardcover which keeps costs to a minimum.

Flexibility & Practicality

Choose from the  Aquasport and Aquafit models to enjoy the best of all worlds in fitness, fun, and enjoyment.   Swim spas fit into small yards, decked areas, even penthouses.  The Hydrowise Thermal Shield technology means you can use your swim spa all year round.

Industry Leading Guarantee

Hydropool swim spas are made from high quality materials and they are proud to offer a no-nonsense protection.
Hydropool offers an industry-leading guarantee on Swim Spas. Ask in store for details.
“Our Swim Spa is amazing. The whole family love it for fun and relaxing at the end of the day.”
David Landers